Hull Cartridge

Brand Heritage, Reloaded.

The Brief

Hull Cartridge are a heritage brand who have been synonymous with excellence in shotgun ammunition since 1947. Ready to launch the next chapter in the long history of their business, they partnered with us to launch a new brand website.

Our challenge was not merely to help sell more ammunition, but to authentically represent the essence of the Hull Cartridge experience—a tradition of excellence that has resonated with shooting enthusiasts for over 75 years.

The crux of the challenge lay in delving into the psyche of the brand’s audience, understanding the nuanced decisions that guide their choices. Beyond the technicalities of ammunition, we aimed to capture the spirit and preferences of a community deeply connected to the art of shooting. This would require an appreciation of not just what they buy, but why they buy; exploring the values, traditions, and aspirations that shape their purchasing decisions.


  • Brochure Website
  • eCommerce Channel
hull cartridge mobile

Our Approach

Collaborating closely with the team at Hull Cartridge, our approach involved a deep exploration of the culture of shooting, the competitive landscape, the purchasing mindset of the customer base, and the intricacies of the broad product range.

From this understanding, we outlined features that would not only strengthen connections with existing brand advocates, but also attract and convert new customers. This laid the foundation for a digital platform that seamlessly marries tradition with innovation, encapsulating the essence of the company’s rich legacy and commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry.

Additionally, we prioritised the development of a user-friendly backend, empowering the Hull Cartridge team with an intuitive content management system. This was a focus of the project to ensure seamless day-to-day operations, allowing the team to effortlessly update content, manage the product range, and quickly process ecommerce orders.

Hull Cartridge Websire Functionality

The Result

The outcome is an effortlessly navigable user experience which guides users through an seamless journey, from education to enquiry. Key features include:

Information-Rich Product Pages: Providing detailed data on Hull Cartridge’s extensive range of cartridges, including residual velocity, average pellet count, and available lead shot sizes.

Intuitive Product Filtering: Simplifying the search for the most suitable cartridge, catering to individual needs of game, hunting and clay shooters.

Product Comparison Feature: Assisting users in comparing their shortlisted products to make informed decisions.

“Find a Dealer” Feature: Enabling users to locate the nearest place to purchase, facilitating the final steps towards gaining a new customer.

E-commerce Functionality: Users can purchase branded merchandise such as silk ties, skeet vests, and gun bags. This addition not only broadens revenue streams for Hull Cartridge but also enhances the overall user experience by offering a curated selection of premium products.

In essence, the new website mirrors where Hull Cartridge stands today—a brand rooted in proud heritage and classic brand appeal, propelled forward and kept relevant through innovation. The new website stands as a testament to their commitment to both tradition and evolution, and Farrows are proud to have helped play a part in the latest chapter of their journey.

Hull Cartridge Website

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