Harnessing the Power of Brand for Ecommerce

Beyond Clicks & Carts

We’ve all experienced online stores that feel like a bland aisle in a generic supermarket; products stacked high but with a palpable lack of soul. While it’s still critically important, a successful online store isn’t only about easy navigation and efficient checkout processes. Nope, there’s a whole lot more to it…

The secret ingredient to transforming your ecommerce website from a robotic transaction hub to a captivating brand experience lies in giving your brand the centre stage it deserves.

Brand Symphony: Beyond Clicks and Carts

Imagine stepping into a physical store. The atmosphere, the decor, the music – they all contribute to how you feel, right? Well, your online store isn’t any different. From well considered colour choices that resonate with your brand’s personality, to carefully chosen typography or illustration that speaks volumes about your style; every detail adds up to create an experience that your customers won’t easily forget.

Your brand identity is the soul of your business. It’s the secret ingredient that gives your online store its unique flavour. It’s what makes people feel like they’re not just buying a product, but a lifestyle. Buying into the brand, rather than the product, is the first step on the path to brand advocacy – get enough brand advocates and all of a sudden, you have a community of likeminded people willing to showcase your brand as a badge of honour.

Illustrations created by Farrows for the brand Airsnax, using bright colours and a fun style, the Airnsax product is used within the illustration

Making a Lasting Impression: Brand & UX

Picture this: You’ve matched with a potential customer online. They’ve clicked through your website and decided to give you a shot. Much like a first date, you want to leave a lasting impression, and that’s where branding comes in. If your store isn’t memorable or evoke any level of emotional response, that first date will most likely turn into a “thanks, but no thanks” situation.

A consistent brand experience enhances the user journey. It guides your visitors seamlessly from one page to another, ensuring that each click resonates with the previous one. When your brand elements – be it your logo, colour palette, tone of voice or visual style – are in sync with your core values, users don’t just shop; they indulge in an experience that resonates with their emotions.

Breaking Up with Bland: Visual Storytelling

A picture is worth a thousand words, and in the ecommerce world, probably even more. Visual storytelling is your opportunity to convey your brand’s personality and values without a single word. From stunning product photography to engaging videos that give a sneak peek into your brand’s world, these visuals become your voice and are often the single most efficient way to communicate brand emotion. The best brand stories are authentic, consistent, memorable, emotional and value or purpose led; get it right and your brand will skyrocket.

Whether it’s a story behind a product’s creation (like the product page videos on our client Tricker’s which show the meticulous care that goes into the making of each shoe) or a quirky illustration that makes your customers chuckle (like these fun, product-focussed illustrations for our client Airsnax), your brand’s voice should echo throughout your online store. Don’t just tell them what you sell – tell them why you do it and how it’s going to make their lives better, cooler, or more fabulous.

Bringing It All Together: Functionality and Finesse

Now, we’re not saying that functionality takes a backseat – far from it. A smoothly sailing ship is crucial for a successful online store. But think of your brand as the wind in your sails. It propels your store forward, giving it direction, purpose, and that distinct flair that sets it apart from your competitors.

At Farrows, we believe that a truly captivating online store combines the best of both worlds – impeccable functionality and a powerful brand story that shines through the entire customer journey. Our approach to ecommerce is far more than just carts and clicks; it’s about crafting experiences that stay with customers long after they’ve closed the browser.

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Your brand identity is the soul of your business. It’s the secret ingredient that gives your online store its unique flavour. It’s what makes people feel like they’re not just buying a product, but they’re joining a community, a lifestyle – your brand’s story.

Michael Mason, Digital Account Lead at Farrows

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